Frequently Asked Questions

* Is there an ATM on site ? No. The nearest ATM is about 3 kms. from the venue at Crossroads Country Market which you will pass by en route to Music Mountain and there are of course many in the New Glasgow area. We suggest bringing extra cash should you want to purchase food/drink, music from our artists or Music Mountain merchandise.

* Is alcohol sold on site ? No, we do not sell liquor, but you are welcome to bring your own.

* Are food and cold drinks available on site ? Yes.

* Is there bagged ice available on site ? Yes.

* Can I bring my dog ? We’d prefer that you didn’t, but if you must please ensure it is leashed at all times.

* Can I bring my children ? Yes and minors MUST be accompanied by an adult/parent to be permitted and kids
under 12 are admitted FREE of charge.

* Can I leave & return ? Yes. Your bracelet will ensure re-admittance at the gate.

* Are glass containers permitted on the grounds ? No. Cans and plastic cups/containers are preferred.

* Can I reserve a festival site ? Not at this time. Sites are first come, first served.

* Can I exchange/refund my ticket ? No.

* What if it rains ? Our events are held rain or shine barring a hurricane scenario. Rain ponchos are available on site
just in case and remember, it’s Nova Scotia, so those shorts & sandals may leave you a little chilly after the sun
goes down. Best to plan ahead.

* Is seating provided at the venue ? No, but you are welcome to bring folding or plastic lawn chairs.