Fest Rules (Code Of Conduct)

* Be respectful of others and their property, i.e., coaches, trailers, campsites, vehicles, etc.

* Be responsible for your own safety and that of others at all times.

* Minors MUST be accompanied by an Adult / Parent to be admitted.

* Please drink responsibly. Drinking & driving as we all know is against the law, so please DO NOT attempt to leave the site if you are under the influence, you are at a camping site and should be staying overnight so you don’t have to drink & drive. If for some reason you have to leave or an emergency arises, you can call a cab or have someone pick you up at the gate. It’s just not worth it.

* Offensive behaviour, verbal abuse, bullying, intimidation, starting or attempting to start a fight will be grounds for ejection and you will be asked to leave and / or escorted from the site without refund.

* Damage to property, theft, mischief or graffiti will not be tolerated and will be grounds for ejection without refund.

* Gate Pass prices are pre – set and there are no price reductions for those arriving late or wishing to see only one particular act.

* Music Mountain Festival Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items, property damage or personal injury. You will be given a copy of our legal disclaimer upon entry to the site.

* Music Mountain thanks you for your cooperation in ensuring our events are safe and enjoyable for all.